Our History

Darlington Mutual Insurance Company
Reliable, Caring, Progressive

Darlington Mutual is a Town Mutual Insurance Company. Community farmers and local cheese factory owners incorporated the Darlington Mutual Insurance Company on May 18, 1875.

By forming their own insurance company, policyholders were able to save thousands of dollars in premiums by providing insurance at cost.  Premiums remain in the company to finance each other’s burdens of catastrophe.

Darlington Mutual operates under the supervision of a Board of Directors of local community members.

This concept has remained part of the mutual insurance industry as Town Mutuals are community located, operated and managed.

Darlington Mutual continues to be community based with premium dollars remaining in the community, used to reimburse policyholders for covered losses.

For more than 140 years, the policyholders have been the owners of the Darlington Mutual Insurance Company.

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